List of Ranebow One-shots

Here’s a list of all the one-shots on this tumblr!

With love, Chris G


Reed blinked. He must’ve been out of the loop while he relived his flashback. He looked at Shane, who had called him.


“You’re cute when you daydream.”

“Strawberry ice cream!” Shane cried out with bright eyes and a toothy smile. Reed stopped himself from rolling his eyes.

“Kurt told you my favorite flavor.” Reed let out in a tone just above a whisper. He was surprised Shane had even heard him.

“What? Oh, no.” Shane said, curls bouncing as he shook his head. “Blaine texted me, told me to bring you ice cream. I just got my favorite flavor.” 

“Earth to Shane. Do you copy, Shane?” Kurt was waving his hand in front of Shane’s face. Shane blinked a few times, but didn’t respond. Blaine gently slapped Shane across the face.

“Gu—-Psh—-Bu—what?” Shane muttered.

“Stop staring at Reed.” Blaine ordered.

“But he’s just so——” Shane made a face that one would make when they see food after being starved for months.

“Oh my god, please don’t finish that sentence.” 

“You sure it’s not so I can hold you close to me, van Kamp?”

“….I-I’m sure.” Shane raised a brow.


“Okay, fine, but you say anything to Kurt or Blaine and I will tackle you to the ground.”

“I will hold you to that, I hope you know.”

 “SHANE! THAT’S REED’S DRESSING ROOM!” Reed heard Kurt cry out from outside of the dressing room.

“And?” was Shane’s reply, just outside Reed’s door.

“He’s changing!” Wes exclaimed.

“….and?” Shane questioned again. He could practically hear Wes’ grin from inside the dressing room.

Reed approached Shane with a surprising amount of grace. He extended his hand, as was custom at a debut ball, and Shane looked at it with awe. He took it gently, and brought it to his lips and kissed it. Reed quickly blushed.

“You’re supposed to take me out onto the dance floor!” Reed whispered hastily. Shane colored as he looked at the crowd, who were all staring at the couple’s interactions.

Reed continued to stare at the sky. The rain had reduced to sprinkles and was now beginning to fully stop. The darkness was beginning to fade. Peeks of orange were visible far out in the horizon. It was pure aspiration. Reed could almost literally feel Shane’s presence. He pressed his hand against the window and sighed. 

He had been so confused his whole life, over what he was or who he wanted to be. But everything felt so right with Shane. Like he wasn’t so confused anymore. It was as if he could just be and not worry about labels. One look at Shane and Reed knew what he wanted in his heart. 

“Shane. You’ve practically woken up all of Windsor. You woke me up. You’re standing in the freezing cold at midnight so you can fall asleep by Reed?

“Yes, your statements are valid. However, I don’t see the problem. So, if you don’t mind—-Prince Shane has to awaken his Sleeping Beauty.” Shane took his index finger and thumb to groom his eyebrows in a suave manner before passing Blaine and stepping into Windsor. Blaine rolled his eyes, but smiled nonetheless. The Anderson brothers did have one thing in common, that’s for sure. Nothing comes in the way of their Princesses. Ever.

Shane sat next to Reed on his bed, and Blaine stood behind him. He brushed his fingers against Reed’s cheek. Reed stirred a little in his sleep. Shane smiled. Reed opened one eye lazily, and squinted.


“Yes, love?”

“What are you—-”

“Shh. Just listen.”